Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

All Are Welcome

We are committed to a mission and vision aimed at generating a citizenry of creative thinkers, lifetime learners, and community builders who embrace diversity and are equipped to build a better world.

We are a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization and an inclusive school for toddlers through elementary students, with full and half-time classes, extended childcare, and summer camp programs. We cherish diversity as the cornerstone of our guiding principles  

We build our community by nurturing children’s spirit and natural love of learning and by helping them to  learn to celebrate diversity and dialogue. We encourage and foster independent work, mentoring by children, and the ability to successfully manage differences and conflicts. Our curriculum includes the study of various cultures and religions as appropriate by age.

We welcome families of all economic, ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds to be a part of our school. One way in which we support an inclusive student body reflecting the diversity of our wider community is through our Scholarship Program aimed at bridging the achievement gap between children of low-income families and others by providing financial assistance to 30% of our enrollees, children who could not otherwise afford to attend our school. We reach out to community foundations, corporations, and public programs for financial support of this effort.

We value families who live in Allentown and in all areas of the Lehigh Valley and beyond, in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, who are committed to both Montessori education and to the school’s mission and values that embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion. We celebrate the rich diversity, perspectives, opportunities, talents, backgrounds, and experiences that they bring to our school.

We believe the economic, ethnic, religious, and social diversity of our staff members and families is our greatest strength. Staff include trained and resolute professionals from diverse  backgrounds, such as the Asian, Middle Eastern, African American, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish cultures and traditions. We actively recruit employees and members of our board of directors who have enjoyed a wide variety of life experiences, reflect the diversity of our school, and are committed to equality and inclusion.  We know that, because of their diverse backgrounds, they enrich our organization and provide leadership,  positive role models, empathy, and support for all the children we serve.


We strive, per our published policies, to promote equity and to operate as an “equal opportunity employer.  All employment activities are conducted in a manner to assure equal opportunity for all and will be based solely on the individual merit and fitness of applicants or employees without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, sexual preference, sexual identity, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law, in accordance with federal, state and local laws governing non-discrimination in employment.”