“The child needs to manipulate objects and gain experience by touching and handling.”

Our programs are based on Dr. Montessori’s time-tested philosophy and educational methods, which foster self-awareness and independence built through repeated experiences of personal success and self-mastery.


Ages 15 - 36 Months

Children thrive in an environment especially prepared for them. So our toddler classroom is designed for one-on-one lessons and to foster independence at an early age. We emphasize love of learning, development of imagination, freedom with responsibility, vocabulary enrichment, and an introduction to quantities.


3 years - Kindergarten

Children in our primary program learn to read, write and count at their own pace. They learn to make choices, finish and put work away, and how to correct their mistakes. They learn and practice independence, patience and responsibility for themselves and others, as well as becoming masters of creative problem solving.


1st - 6th Grades

During these years students engage in lessons that involve more abstract thought, advanced problem solving and critical thinking. They continue to gain knowledge and self-confidence through self-motivation and self-discipline, and develop habits that foster lifelong learning.

Extended Care

Childcare outside our academic hours

We offer childcare outside academic hours, mornings from 8:00-8:30, and afternoons from 3:00-5:30.

Summer Camp

Summer time fun and learning

During the summer water play, creativity and exploration through art, music, history, geography and science projects provides fun and learning.

Fostering Independence, Problem Solving, Inclusion

Our mission is to nurture children’s spirit and natural love of learning by providing a Montessori program that educates the whole child, fostering cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth.