Grace Montessori Scholarship Program 

You have the opportunity to set up a child for success in school and in life. 


Thirty years ago, Cathy Constantine Reid founded Grace Montessori School in the basement of Allentown’s Grace Episcopal Church. We have been committed to removing educational barriers and providing scholarships to local families ever since. Success in life begins with success in school; a strong educational foundation gives children advantages to build upon. Montessori goes a step beyond, emphasizing creative choices, discovery, and exploration at every stage, positively influencing independence in children and helping raise capable, self-sufficient adults.  

We reserve 30 percent of our enrollment each year for students who need scholarships. Giving a child a full year of education at Grace Montessori means nurturing that child’s spirit through care for the whole child, fostering cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. Each year, we assist 28 families with help from our generous donors. We have awarded over $2 million in scholarship assistance throughout our thirty years. Today, you have the opportunity to join the mission of our Closing the Achievement Gap scholarship program and assist us in further breaking down the obstacles standing between local children and quality, lifelong education.