Grace Montessori School Receives Scholarship Money Provided Through EITC Tax Credit Program

On Thursday, October 14, 2021, Grace Montessori School, Allentown received $8,000 in Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) funds at a ceremony held at Lehigh Christian Academy. Representatives of Bridge Educational Foundation presented a mock check totaling $39,000 for scholarship assistance to Lehigh County families whose students attend various area schools and educational programs. The outdoor event was attended by donors and recipients alike. Funds slated for Grace Montessori School were made possible through generous donations provided by JL Mann Consulting and Grane Healthcare and with help from State Senator Pat Browne. Accepting the funds for Grace Montessori School was board president F. Laird Evans

The EITC program provides educational tax credits for businesses in the Commonwealth to support public, private, and pre-school programs. It was signed into law by Governor Tom Ridge in 2001, connecting employers with students for over two decades to improve educational opportunities for low-income families. This year’s scholarship assistance to qualified families in Pennsylvania totaled $280 million under the EITC program.

Bridge Educational Foundation works to connect companies with educational programs to distribute the educational tax credits in the form of scholarship money to be awarded based on need and with the assistance and support of state representatives who know of programs in their area that work effectively to help local families to achieve educational excellence for their children.

At Grace Montessori School, serving children ages 12 months to 12 years, the funds are utilized through the school’s Closing the Achievement Gap Program, which assists families needing financial aid to achieve school readiness and a foundation for their child’s lifelong learning. Thanks to support and grants totaling $111,500 from EITC funds, outside organizations like the National Associate of Episcopal Schools (NAES),  HUD,  The  Harry C. Trexler Trust, The Hoch Foundation,  Keystone Savings Foundation, and Campbell Rappold & Yurasits, at least 30% of the student body receive aid.

During the 2020-2021 school year, 35 students received scholarships and reduced tuition, amounting to $105,000. The program provides educational opportunities to improve the quality of life for students, their families, and communities, one deserving child at a time.

Each year there are more businesses and families wishing to participate in the EITC program than the cap set by the Commonwealth allows. And EITC credits are usually exhausted on the first day of the state’s fiscal year, July 1. Anyone interested in supporting the GMS Closing the Achievement Gap Program through EITC tax credits to be provided by your business or employer should contact the school at

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