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Transitioning from the school year to summer can be tough for parents and students alike. One day, your child is at school, interacting with meaningful materials, engaging content, and other children and adults. The next, they’re at home, with seemingly nothing to do, and, as a parent, it can be tough to know how to keep your child enriched in a fun way. This is precisely why Grace Montessori School is a proponent of summer camps and programs designed to sustain and propel a student’s social and emotional growth through the summer months.

Grace Montessori School hosts summer camps for toddlers (children ages 12-36 months) and big kids (children ages 3-9), staffed with GMS Montessori teachers and assistants. For toddlers, camp is an extension of school-year toddler programming with the addition of summer activities like water play, exploration, and lots of time outdoors. Big kids take a deep dive into their favorite subjects by participating in themed sessions, including music and movement, geography, bugs and insects, dinosaurs, arts & crafts, and more, allowing them to bond with friends who have similar interests to them. In addition to exploring these topics, they enjoy hands-on learning, water games, and time outside. 

Students can easily forget what they learned during the school year without summer engagement and practice, especially at such crucial young ages. Summer programs, like those offered at GMS, incorporate enrichment experiences to make sure that students hold onto crucial skills they’ve already learned and stem the summer slide.

Montessori summer programs are special because they allow students to interact with the same method that guides their learning during the school year by combining physical, emotional, and social development with fun activities involving multiple disciplines. This method teaches children new skills, nurtures Montessori values, focuses on learning, develops new relationships, and allows them to explore, discover, and have fun. 

Summer programs are the best way to keep your child engaged through the off months and keep them ready for the next school year. Grace Montessori programs are full for summer 2023, but keep an eye out for news regarding our summer 2024 programs. We would love to welcome your child to Grace Montessori School. 

For more information on our summer programs, click here.

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