Keeping Our Students Safe at Grace Montessori

At Grace Montessori, student safety is our number one priority. From fire drills to abuse prevention, our staff receives the training required to ensure a safe and stable learning environment for our students. Grace Montessori staff and educators receive safety training from the PA Department of Human Services. In addition, the team receives training from The Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem

All staff members at Grace Montessori must become certified in pediatric first aid, CPR, and epi-pen administration, as well as fire safety and emergency preparedness. Each year, outside instructors visit our school to train our staff members in person, which allows them to learn the protocol firsthand from the experts and put it into practice via drills. PA Department of Health and Human Services requires childcare facilities to hold a fire drill every 60 days and an emergency drill (severe weather, intruder, natural disaster, etc.) once a year. At Grace Montessori, we value preparedness, especially safety, which is why we hold emergency drills 2-3 times each year to ensure both staff and students are ready in the event of an emergency. 

The PA Department of Human Services requires all staff to receive 12 hours of professional development training yearly. The online course platform offers dozens of independent courses ranging from food safety and bullying prevention to social media safety and mandated reporting. Educators and staff are required to complete the mandated reporter training modules but are free to select a course of their preference to make up or even surpass their required 12 training hours. 

As part of our partnership with The Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem, Grace Montessori staff receive abuse prevention training through the Diocese’s online Safe Church program. Throughout the modules, the team learns the importance of abuse prevention in an academic setting and how they can control their classroom environment to prevent mistreatment. They are also advised on the importance of trauma-informed care, how to recognize trauma, and how to respond to trauma-based behaviors to help students succeed appropriately.

Through staff participation in emergency safety training, professional development, and trauma-informed care, at Grace Montessori, we actively promote emotional development, the importance of a prepared environment, and independence in our students and classrooms.

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