Incorporating Culture in the Classroom at GMS

At Grace Montessori School, our holistic approach to education nurtures the individuality of each of our students. Cultural education plays an important part in this goal and influences how we set up our classrooms for successful learning.

Our students and staff come from a wide array of cultural backgrounds, and we work to ensure everyone in our community embraces our likenesses and differences. It goes far beyond academic knowledge; we want to grant students the opportunity to build respect and understanding for diverse cultures so that each child feels like they belong.

Maria Montessori believed in the importance of working toward a more complete worldview for students, which is why she emphasized cultural education in her philosophy. She saw the endeavor as a step towards global understanding and international peace. 

Our curriculum incorporates cultural learning into daily lessons and activities in geography, history, science, art, music, and language. This approach helps students learn how culture affects all aspects of their education and lives. 

We also see positive impacts on cultural understanding from Montessori cornerstones like hands-on learning and child-centered lessons. Students can further explore the cultural topics that interest them and replicate cultural practices like dances, art, and music. 

We are proud to be an inclusive school for students ages 15 months to 12 years. It’s important to us that all of our GMS students, staff, and families feel a sense of belonging and community at our school. We invite you to learn more about how our philosophy helps us achieve this goal. 

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