Teacher Spotlight – Miss Sabrina

Miss Sabrina is a beloved primary curriculum teacher at Grace Montessori School. After graduating from Lehigh Carbon Community College with a certification in Early Childhood Education, Sabrina decided to pursue a career in Montessori education and went on to complete several Montessori certification courses.

Eleven years into her now 16-year-long teaching career, Sabrina joined the Grace Montessori family. Sabrina is known to be a loving and nurturing presence at the school. Over the years, she has been a guiding light for many students, giving them the gift of a quality Montessori educational experience while also helping them to develop valuable, lifelong skills.

 “I like how children learn, develop, and become independent,” said Sabrina. “Students learn more than academics. They learn to be good citizens and caring friends.”

Miss Sabrina points to a notecard in a child's hand

In the classroom, Sabrina invites her students to find the value of making mistakes and learn through conflict resolution. Developing independence and resilience is an integral part of the Montessori method of education. By encouraging students to self-correct if they’ve made a mistake, Sabrina helps them grow into independent and self-confident adults.

Speaking of confidence, being in a Montessori environment has even helped Sabrina to increase her own self-confidence.

“Being a lead teacher in [Summer] camp made me feel more confident and less insecure. Last year I reached a milestone in my personal growth when I started doing lessons with more confidence.”  

Soon, she plans to further strengthen her Montessori education knowledge and enroll in an additional Montessori certification program. When she’s not in the classroom, Sabrina enjoys spending time with her family.

Interested in learning about Grace Montessori School’s primary level program? Click here for more information.


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