Benefits of Continuing Montessori Education

Grace Montessori School welcomes children aged one to 12 years old. As a parent, you might wonder, “When is the best time for my child to start their Montessori education?” or “How long should I send my child to Montessori school?” We can help you understand why continuing Montessori education can yield the most long-lasting results. 


Montessori education is built on a three-year cycle. Within those three years, students stay together and work with the same teacher. This allows for the formation of deep, meaningful relationships between students and educators. This also helps reduce children’s shyness and apprehension caused by the new environment. Instead, they establish a regular routine and feel comfortable with their teachers and classmates. 


More specifically, Montessori teachers get to know each child’s strengths and weaknesses when they’re enrolled for multiple years. Teachers can plan lessons based on their classroom observations to fit each child’s needs.


Students can also learn more deeply when they experience multiple years of Montessori. Instead of rushing to pack in the standard material for one school year, they can work at their own pace and move to new topics when they’re ready. Many students who attend three years of Montessori by age five have already completed what is expected at the end of most Kindergarten curriculums. 


Multiple years of Montessori also provide for a smoother transition into other forms of schooling. When a child spends more time using the Montessori material, they can internalize the techniques and principles that work for them. They also develop stronger social skills, like independence and problem-solving, which are especially important in transitioning to a new school. Additionally, they can apply their favorite Montessori techniques to their lives outside of school. 


At GMS, we firmly believe in the importance of continuing Montessori education beyond one year. We are confident in the Montessori method and how it affects the child’s ability to be independent, responsible and self-disciplined. Click to learn more about our programs, or contact us with questions. 

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