Grace Montessori School Receives Funding For Reading Programs

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Grace Montessori School (GMS), a nonprofit school and childcare center dedicated to educating students cognitively, spiritually, and physically, accepted a combined donation of $3,500 from Walmart and Sam’s Club. Walmart contributed $3,000 to support GMS’s reading programs, and Sam’s Club donated $500 to be used for the school’s Scholarship Fund.

“We never want our children to feel like they’re falling behind their peers, which is why we focus extra on supporting students who are performing below grade level in reading and spelling with several programs that utilize the Orton-Gillingham multisensory approach, which we use not only as part of our reading programs, but in the classroom during the school year,” said GMS Director Radhika Hoshing. “We’re extremely grateful to Walmart and Sam’s Club for their donations that will support our students and help us reach our goal of providing quality education to all children.” 

Walmart’s $3,000 gift supports two GMS reading programs; $2,500 goes to the Remedial Reading For At-Risk Children program and $500 to the school’s Summer Reading Program.

The $500 gift from Sam’s Club will support GMS’s Scholarship Fund, which seeks to remove educational barriers in Allentown and provide scholarships to local families, a mission that has been present since Cathy Constantine founded GMS in 1992. GMS reserves 30% of its enrollment each year for students who need scholarships, assisting 28 families annually with help from the school’s generous donors. Throughout the school’s 30-year history, GMS has awarded over $2 million in scholarship assistance.

This donation comes at the heels of GMS receiving $22,000 in Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) funds for the 2022-2023 school year, which were utilized through the school’s Closing the Achievement Gap scholarship program to assist in further breaking down the obstacles standing between local children and quality, lifelong education.

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