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Grace Montessori School’s education empowers students to make self-directed, creative choices inside and outside the classroom.

For Sage, a kindergarten student currently enrolled at Grace Montessori, her creative decision was to start a jewelry business, making her the youngest business owner in Allentown’s history.

It began when Sage was only four years old and wanted to make a bracelet for her father. He took the opportunity to teach his daughter the meaning of value and gave her $6 for the bracelet she made. From there, Sage’s business idea was launched.

Sage has created hundreds of bracelets with colors and charms designed to boost people’s moods with uplifting sayings. The bracelets are currently sold and promoted in nine different stores throughout the Lehigh Valley and featured at pop-up shops in the community.

Her journey at Grace Montessori has not only nurtured her sense of independence and creativity but also clearly demonstrates the overwhelming impact of Montessori principles in action as Sage started and expanded her own business.


Sage came up with the idea to start a jewelry business independently.


As she and her mom worked together on the bracelets, her mom noticed Sage taking the initiative to come up with ideas for inspirational words.


Sage has learned to interact with people of all backgrounds at her pop-up events.

“On many occasions, we have been asked where Sage goes to school because of how she speaks up for herself and her business,” said Sage’s mom, Gracie.

In addition to receiving a Certificate of Recognition from the Rising Sun Initiative for the youngest entrepreneur in the Lehigh Valley, she was awarded a GOLD Community Star Award from GOLD Credit Union, meaning Sage’s bracelets have touched over 500 community members.

Recently, Sage partnered with Joshway, a nonprofit organization helping young artists, to make bracelets for its members and donors.

At Grace Montessori School, we’re proud to help students like Sage excel in their interests and reach their maximum potential!

Follow Sage and her journey as a young entrepreneur on her Instagram.

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