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Students at Grace Montessori have many opportunities to learn new skills, make new friends, and set ambitious goals. Our Grace Montessori School Girl Scout Troop, which began in Fall 2022, allows 11 students to do that. Our mixed-age troop includes Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors and is open to all girls at GMS. 


Coincidentally, many Girl Scout values align with Montessori principles. Leadership, confidence, independence, and teamwork are some of the most important. As troop members, our students must collaborate to decide on common goals and plan events, including food drives, cookie booths, and holiday celebrations. 


Since the troop began, the girls have participated in multiple events where they’ve built up their skills. One of their first events was a food drive benefiting a local church. Over the holiday season, the girls participated in a “Holiday Around the World” event where they performed dances at a local nursing home to celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa and Baba Din. This has been one of their favorite events so far! 


Cookie season is also a favorite time for our troop. They enjoy running the booths and building their entrepreneurial skills. At our cookie booths, each girl takes on a different role, whether taking orders, counting change, or filling orders. Each of these roles requires strong communication, social skills, and patience. After the selling season ends, the troop will decide how to use their funds. They are very excited about this—last year, they used their funds to go to Dorney Park. 


Our troop is planning an event for World Thinking Day to celebrate the country Uzbekistan. They decided on this country because Ms. Mamura, a teacher at Grace Montessori, is from there. She has taught the troop about her country, and the girls are excited to share it with other troops on World Thinking Day. 


Our staff has noticed how much our troop members enjoy spending time in their community and bringing joy to their neighbors. They loved visiting the nursing home and dropping off donations from their food drive. Pride in our community is very important at Grace Montessori, and it has been amazing to see how the GMS Girl Scout Troop has helped our students become even more connected to the Lehigh Valley.   


Stay tuned if your daughter is interested in joining our troop next year! We are recruiting new Daisies from our kindergarten classroom for next season and will hold a Daisy recruitment event this April.

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