American Montessori Society Recognizes High Standards of Grace Montessori School

Grace Montessori School, which enrolls students aged 12 months to 12 years, is one step closer to receiving accreditation through the American Montessori Society . American Montessori Society accreditation is the gold standard of Montessori school excellence and the highest level of recognition a Montessori school can achieve. verified school American Montessori School pathway symbol with red ribbon across bottom

Grace Montessori School has been designated an American Montessori Society Verified School, which means the American Montessori Society Accreditation Onsite Team has verified the school’s compliance with American Montessori Society Standards & Criteria and validated the content of the Self-Study Report through observations, interviews and document review.

Grace Montessori School’s accreditation journey began when the school became a full member of the American Montessori Society in 2005. A school must be a member for one year before becoming a candidate for accreditation. Although the American Montessori Society school accreditation process has several distinct components, the two areas that draw the most heavily on the school’s time and efforts are the self-study and the on-site visit. Grace Montessori School’s next step in the accreditation process is the ‘School Accreditation Commission and American Montessori Society Board of Directors Review,’ which is estimated to take two to four months.

Since the term “Montessori” is not trademarked, any school can identify as such without formal qualifications. Grace Montessori School decided it was important to complete the arduous, multi-year accreditation process to certify its reputation as a strong academic institution and traditional Montessori school.

The American Montessori Society Verification recognizes Grace Montessori School adheres to the five core components critical to the high-fidelity implementation of the Montessori method: trained Montessori teachers; the multi-age classroom; the use of Montessori materials; child-directed work; and uninterrupted work periods.

Collaboration is fundamental to the Montessori method, and Grace Montessori School utilizes community partnerships to support students in various areas of development. The Baum School of Art partners with Grace Montessori School for its art program, where students attend weekly classes as part of their art curriculum for the school year. Students learn various artistic techniques in drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed media, all within a prepared environment equipped with mediums and tools that allow them to explore, create, and express themselves.

Grace Montessori School understands the impact properly credentialed Montessori teachers have on a child developing naturally. Although all instructors at the school are qualified Montessori teachers, Grace Montessori School goes a step beyond and has two certified dyslexia teachers on staff.

Through its Closing the Achievement Gap scholarship program, GMS assists 28 families annually by giving a child a full year of Montessori education, reserving 30 percent of its enrollment for scholarship students. 

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