The Difference Between Traditional and Montessori Geography Education

Presenting geography to children at an early age is imperative in the Montessori method of education, which places an emphasis on independence, hands-on learning, and developing real-world skills. It is essential that children understand the planet’s geographical makeup because the interconnectedness of humankind is woven throughout Montessori lessons. Topics like politics, history, weather and climate, and social studies cannot be

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American Montessori Society Recognizes High Standards of Grace Montessori School

Grace Montessori School, which enrolls students aged 12 months to 12 years, is one step closer to receiving accreditation through the American Montessori Society . American Montessori Society accreditation is the gold standard of Montessori school excellence and the highest level of recognition a Montessori school can achieve. Grace Montessori School has been designated an American Montessori Society Verified School,

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The Difference Between Montessori and Traditional Science Education

As an education method that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play, the Montessori method empowers children to make creative choices in their learning. At the same time, the environment and teacher provide guidance through this process. Montessori classrooms are specially crafted to meet the needs of children at different stages of development, and Montessori material is

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Grace Montessori School Receives Funding For Reading Programs

Grace Montessori School (GMS), a nonprofit school and childcare center dedicated to educating students cognitively, spiritually, and physically, accepted a combined donation of $3,500 from Walmart and Sam’s Club. Walmart contributed $3,000 to support GMS’s reading programs, and Sam’s Club donated $500 to be used for the school’s Scholarship Fund. “We never want our children to feel like they’re falling

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