Exploring Independence & Enrichment at the Allentown Public Library

At Grace Montessori School, our staff always looks for new and fun ways to enrich our students, both in and out of the classroom. A new elementary student program we’ve added this school year is weekly visits to the Allentown Public Library. Reading is a crucial part of Montessori education, and these trips allow students to enrich the social and

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Summer at Grace Montessori School

Transitioning from the school year to summer can be tough for parents and students alike. One day, your child is at school, interacting with meaningful materials, engaging content, and other children and adults. The next, they’re at home, with seemingly nothing to do, and, as a parent, it can be tough to know how to keep your child enriched in

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The Difference Between Montessori and Traditional School Mathematics

Montessori and traditional academic curriculums vary in many ways. From teaching strategies and progression to assessments and learning objectives, they differ fundamentally and create diverging experiences for the students involved in those lessons. Montessori mathematics is a subject that absolutely stands out from the math taught in traditional classroom settings. Keep reading to better understand these differences. The first set

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