The Difference Between Montessori and Traditional School Mathematics

Montessori and traditional academic curriculums vary in many ways. From teaching strategies and progression to assessments and learning objectives, they differ fundamentally and create diverging experiences for the students involved in those lessons. Montessori mathematics is a subject that absolutely stands out from the math taught in traditional classroom settings. Keep reading to better understand these differences. The first set

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Six Tips to Create an At-Home Montessori Environment

When you think of Montessori, you probably picture a school environment. Schooling is a significant part of the Montessori Method, but it’s not the extent – you can also cultivate an effective and practical Montessori space in your home for your child. We’ve compiled six simple tips to make this possible – no renovations or significant purchases are required. Keep

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Grace Montessori School Receives $22,000 in Scholarship Money Through EITC Tax Credit Program

Grace Montessori School received $22,000 in Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) funds slated for the 2022-2023 school year. Bridge Educational Foundation provided $2,000, made possible through a donation from JL Mann Consulting. Commonwealth Charitable Management provided $10,000 donated by Coterra Energy. And Bravo Foundation provided $10,000 in funding from Penrac, LLC (doing business as Enterprise-Rent-A- Car) with the direction of

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