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Teacher Spotlight – Alicha Pantoja

Meet Alicha Pantoja! Alicha Pantoja is the head teacher in the Toddler program at Grace Montessori School. During Alicha’s previous 13 years of teaching, she developed an appreciation for Montessori education, which led her to join the Grace Montessori team in 2023.  Alicha earned her associate degree in Early Childhood

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Social-Emotional Development for Montessori Students

Social-emotional development is a key growth area for young children and school-aged students. This area refers to a child’s ability to experience, manage, and express their range of emotions, to develop close relationships with their peers and adults, and to explore and learn from their environment.  With unique and method-specific

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Grace Montessori School to Host 30th Anniversary Scholarship Benefit

Grace Montessori School (GMS) will mark 30 years of lifelong learning with a scholarship benefit event on May 19, 2023, at Fegley’s Allentown Brew Works. School parents, staff, and community supporters of GMS will enjoy an evening of hearty hors d’oeuvres, live entertainment from The Flynn Brothers, and honors. The

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Summer at Grace Montessori School

Transitioning from the school year to summer can be tough for parents and students alike. One day, your child is at school, interacting with meaningful materials, engaging content, and other children and adults. The next, they’re at home, with seemingly nothing to do, and, as a parent, it can be

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The Difference Between Montessori and Traditional School Mathematics

Montessori and traditional academic curriculums vary in many ways. From teaching strategies and progression to assessments and learning objectives, they differ fundamentally and create diverging experiences for the students involved in those lessons. Montessori mathematics is a subject that absolutely stands out from the math taught in traditional classroom settings.

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Six Tips to Create an At-Home Montessori Environment

When you think of Montessori, you probably picture a school environment. Schooling is a significant part of the Montessori Method, but it’s not the extent – you can also cultivate an effective and practical Montessori space in your home for your child. We’ve compiled six simple tips to make this

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